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Behold, the little-known past lovers of this musical legend.The so-called Queen of Pop attended the Academy Awards with the King of Pop in 1991.Suddenly Velasquez was in Milan, Madrid, London and Paris, sometimes subsisting on a single candy bar for days, but she loved it.She modeled for Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and made it on the big screen in “The Mummy” franchise.Here's a list of female celebrities that just so happen to be bisexual. Lady Gaga has been very open about her sexuality ever since she first came onto the scene as a major player in the music industry.We're pretty sure you've heard her chart topping single 'Poker Face,' well this particular hit is about her lust for women. In honor of the Material Girl, we’ve decided to take a look back at her romantic relationships. It seems the Material Girl collects partners just as much as she collects wealth and music awards.

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That’s how much Paciello believed was stashed in the basement safe of Staten Island businessman Sami Shemtov, who lived in a Richmond Valley mansion.Discovered as a teen by a local hairdresser, Velasquez was chosen to compete in the 1989 Miss Venezuela pageant — as long as she had her eyes done, her ears pinned back and got breast implants. She also starved herself on a strict diet of chicken and tomato juice and was required to find a sponsor.In other words, Velasquez writes, “I would have to start prostituting myself.” She hooked up with an older man she identifies only as David.In 2006, as he neared the final weeks of a six-year stretch for murder and bank robbery, Chris Paciello faced something worse than prison: witness protection.He had ratted out the upper echelon of the Colombo and Bonanno crime families, so the former nightclub king of Miami was in no position to be walking around under his own name, the threat of a track-suit hit team lurking at every turn.That's right Megan Fox has definitely taken a dive in the kitty pool.


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