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I'm hoping to find a friend first an Why am I here?

(I would like to meet a man that is not living a secret life.) I prefer a friendship/union that is a bit more overt. I am an idealist when it comes to the male/female relationship.

Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." We are proud to say that this website has been a catalyst for love by creating meaningful, long term relationships and marriages for hundreds of Christians around Australia.

One that starts with a Plenty and ends with a Fish. You never know when you will see the profile of YOUR person :) My dream man? My friends would probably describe me as goofy; I think "ditzy" might me a bit more accurate at times, though-- but, hey, I own it! I'm interested in someone who is sincere, truthful, honest and fun. I work as a Behavioral Tech at a school for Autistic children that provides ABA therapy. I have been told numerous times I have a heart of gold. I am looking for friends who would love to hang out and have fun.

If you like any of these three things, we'll probably get along great! You can always catch me singing whether to the radio or just to myself.

Are you finding it hard to meet people that share your values?

As someone whose faith is important to you, it can be tricky to meet people you really click with and share your values. From humble beginnings back in 2001, Christians Online has become Australia's largest singles Christians dating website and has over 10,000 single Christian men and women just like you.

he told me I was nothing, unloved, forgotten, forsaken, a failure, and that God would not keep His promises for my life. He has called me to be set apart for His good work. If you want to go to Heaven you must leave your life of sin. I absolutely love learning new things, especially if it's historical, as I am a current college student pursuing a degree in history. I am childlike, curious, charismatic, cute and caring.. Hello my name is Andrea or Drea I am 28 dealing with a midlife crisis because of how I feel on a daily basis. Since I was about 19 I have struggled with allowing people into the intimate parts of me, Not only because I believe in waiting till marriage. Ive prayed about the subject for a long time did not act on it out of respect towards fellow Christ believers and towards friends family. I was married for 37 years before my husband passed away. But I am leaving that up to God to write my love story.Pentecostal Match is the world's only exclusive Pentecostal singles interactive website. Classic musicals, spontaneous adventures, and overly-caramel drizzled frappacinos. I'm usually a very quiet person until I really get to know someone, it just takes me a while to feel comfortable around people. I love to read, watch anime, listen to music and spend time outside.If you are seeking a woman who is led by her carnal instincts, AVOID me.


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