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The question is whether the people doing it are the ones you'd want to date. Unlike farting in public, though, online dating's stigma is quickly going away.

If you ask around, you'll be surprised how many people you know are doing it. Remember: there are more people doing this than you probably realise.

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The various criteria used to define the profile of each member are exactly the same from one site to another, which offers a kind of standardisation of the various ethnicities.Things need to go back to the good ole days instead of crap like this!!!In my personal opinion, dating sites has ruined everything, and everyone, what has happened to getting out, and about to find someone like they use to in the good ole days????It's not just internet-addicted geeks (myself notwithstanding). If one of your friends is going to judge you for trying to find love, then maybe they just aren't very nice.And if you're saying stupid stuff on your profile... If you wouldn't want a friend to see it, you probably wouldn't want it to be the first thing a potential date sees.Facebook has a good dating site or so i have heard. So after a while I thought, screw this, I'm going to turn this around to favour me: I'll add everyone that fits my taste and let them write to me! This is the result, after a week of running it (on a 384 Kbps line): I briefly thought I could make a shareware app out of this and described it as follows. Overview: Internet dating works, but it is hard work.


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