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They're legal, but they’re considered dangerous because of their high risk of abuse and dependence.Other Schedule II drugs include painkillers like Oxy Contin and Vicodin.

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That means that the federal government regulates how the drug is made, prescribed, and dispensed.Locating a source of pain can be more difficult than it sounds, but he took the time with me unlike other MD's. This could sound like a pity party, but you did ask. In addition, I could take on any physical or mental challenge and would almost always be successful. Hi Unemployed, Have you had a postural examination that also included evaluating your posture during movement?My energy has been sapped, pain is constant, and I can't be the person that I want to be for my family and career. Tennis & snow-skiing were my passion & then things hit. The acupuncture will discontinue if after 15 sessions there is no improvement according to the doctor... Abnormal posture during movement can sometimes be hard to detect and may contribute to pain in the rhomboid region.There are also extra security measures to guard against abuse.“This affects the way you get and fill your prescription at the pharmacy,” says Norman P.Due to the large amount of email we receive, is unable to reply to every email.


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